Chit Chaat Chai founder Tania Rahman has always known she is a ‘proper foodie at heart’ and her story which takes her from a corporate job, to a life and career living and breathing her favourite food, shows just how true it is.

Tania’s passion for Indian street food, or chaat, led her in pursuit of her most-loved dishes. Soon discovering that there was little on offer in this country, she took matters into her own hands. At the age of 27, Tania left her job, and opened her first food stall and Chit Chaat Chai’s story began.

Having always dreamed of opening her own restaurant, she first travelled to India in search of the best Indian street dishes, trawling high and low for the right ingredients, and honing her recipes which are high in flavour and light on the stomach.
With Tania’s devotion and hard work, Chit Chaat Chai grew from its humble street food stall beginnings into the well-established, award-winning London restaurant it now is, showcasing her range of signature dishes and Indian spiced cocktails and mocktails.

Tania’s journey as well as her enthusiasm for everything authentic and vibrant, is tangible in the fabric of Chit Chaat Chai, with its colourful, India-eclectic décor, as well as lively music and art. An immersive multi-sensory experience, Chit Chaat Chai is a hub for enjoying relaxed and comforting food with friends, where great atmosphere and great food go hand-in-hand.