Our Story

It all started with a Bombay Bhel, or rather a lack of one. Tania, our foodie founder, had just finished her third marathon and was feeling rather hungry. She endured a long and fruitless search across the country for her favourite Indian street dishes or, as we know it Chaat.

High in flavour and light on the stomach, chaat is family food, treat food, comfort food, weekend food … the best of all foods!

With little on offer here, our pioneer took matters into her own hands. She trawled high and low for the best ingredients, honing her recipes for friends and family each weekend.

News of her mouth-watering chaat spread, her corporate job was abandoned and Chit Chaat Chai was born! Sell-out supper clubs, pop ups and food markets followed to rave reviews, with her debut London restaurant opening in Spring 2016.

So here she is, excited to share her range of signature dishes and her very own Indian-spiced cocktails and mocktails. Kick-back, Chit Chaat and feed your senses! Her food doesn’t stand on ceremony and neither should you.


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